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Board Member Institute for Jewish Nonprofits

Chicago-2 Cohort Applications Closed

Chicago-2 Cohort Program Launch: January 7, 2019
The Nonprofit World Is Changing.
Your Board Should Be Ready!
The Board Member Institute for Jewish Nonprofits is a hands-on comprehensive board development initiative, taught and administered by Northwestern University's Kellogg faculty and practitioners from the Jewish sector, intended for active and incoming board members of Jewish nonprofits.

  • 40 hours of highly practical curriculum that combines executive education with meaningful "applied learning" experiences.
  • The Board Member Institute serves as a central site for networking, cross-sector collaboration and identification of overarching challenges and opportunities in the Jewish community.
  • Participants come with the aim to influence a wider sector and expedite the formation of a healthy volunteer leadership ecosystem across the country.
  • Cohort learning and peer networking with up to forty selected outstanding volunteer leaders of local and national organizations.
  • Offering participants mentorship opportunities from sector leaders.
  • Upon completion, each participant will receive a Kellogg Nonprofit Executive Education Certificate.

    Chicago-2 Cohort
    Tuition Assistance
    The Board Member Institute for Jewish Nonprofits is excited to announce Tuition Assistance for all participants of the Chicago-2 Cohort, thanks to generous support from our philanthropic partners. Participants will receive $2,000 towards tuition fees.

    To Inquire About Tuition Assistance
    Please Contact

    Project Manager, Marom Group
    * - Customized content is no less than 20% of total curriculum.
    The curriculum is subject to change based on the composition of the cohort in order to meet the needs of the selected participants.

    Program Content
    January - June 2019
    Application Timeline for the Chicago-2 Cohort:
    Key Milestones
    October 8, 2018
    December 4, 2018
    Applications Close
    December 6, 2018
    Selected Candidates Announced
    December 13, 2018
    Downpayment Paid by Participants Personally ($1000)
    December 21, 2018
    Balance Payment Paid by Participants Personally or Through an External Funder ($5000)
    January 7, 2019
    Studies at the Board Member Institute for Jewish Nonprofits Begin
    Meet our Faculty *
    Liz Livingston Howard
    Director of Nonprofit Executive Education
    Prof. Gail Berger Darlow
    Assistant Professor of Executive Education
    Prof. Megan Kashner
    Clinical Assistant Professor
    Public-Private Interface

    Jason Saul
    Adjunct Lecturer of Executive Education
    Yossi Prager
    Executive Director
    Avi Chai North America
    David Matsa
    Associate Professor of Finance
    * - Faculty composition shall be finalized based on the curriculum adjustment.
    Cohort-1 and the National Cohort Speakers
    Gali Cooks
    Executive Director
    Leading Edge
    David T. Brown
    Secretary of the International Board of Directors
    Audra Berg
    Vice-President, Leadership Engagement and Board Relations
    Jewish United Fund
    Jim Rosenberg
    Chief of Staff
    Jewish United Fund

    David Rubovits
    Senior Vice-President,
    Planning and Allocations
    Jewish United Fund

    David Cygielman
    Founder and CEO
    Moishe House
    Kevin Waldman
    Board Member
    Moishe House

    Harrell Wittenstein
    Board Member
    Beber Camp
    Gary E. Jacobs
    Stefan Teodosic
    Executive Director
    Beber Camp; Perlman Camp
    Amit Marom
    Bryn Mars
    Phyllis Tabachnik
    Eric M. Robbins
    Daryl Messinger
    Chair of the North American Board of Trustees
    Union for Reform Judaism
    David Edell
    DRG Search
    Paul Cohen
    Board Chairman

    Jodi Bromberg
    Jeremy J. Fingerman
    Chief Executive Officer
    Foundation for Jewish Camp
    Julie Beren Platt
    Jim Heeger
    Board Chair
    Moishe House
    In Retrospect:
    Meet Cohort-1 and the National Cohort!
    We are thrilled to introduce you to the inaugural Chicago Cohort-1 and the National Cohort 2018-2019 of the Board Member Institute for Jewish Nonprofits!

    Our participants are outstanding leaders who demonstrated a passion to strive for excellence in volunteer leadership and a strong desire to make lasting social impact in the Jewish sector.
    "What a night! The first session at Northwestern tonight was great. Such a fantastic cohort and curriculum, I'm honored to be a part of this program! Keshet is going to benefit from our involvement. Thanks for including us!"
    Board Member Institute Participant
    "The panel was terrific! Thank you so much for your efforts to get great panelists!! Lots of energy and enthusiasm, good Q&A - the whole thing was a big success!"
    Board Member Institute Participant
    "The information I have learned or that has been reinforced - whether through faculty presentations or experiences shared by members of the cohort - is empowering."
    Board Member Institute Participant
    "The learning has been amazing. My thinking about who is a good board member has totally changed."
    Board Member Institute Participant
    "I feel more confident as a board member and am speaking up way more often."
    Board Member Institute Participant
    "Great speakers so far. They keep on trying to network us into the best leaders around Chicago and the world."
    Board Member Institute Participant
    "Honored to be a part of this inaugural cohort with many new friends and several other brothers of Alpha Epsilon Pi Fraternity."
    Board Member Institute Participant
    Evaluation Approach
    The program is thoroughly evaluated, both internally by Kellogg faculty, and externally by an independent evaluator who has already been engaged by the BMI.
    The purpose of the parallel evaluations is to maximize the impact on the cohort and to further refine the program for future participants in order to facilitate much more ambitious sector-wide goals.
    Kim Silver, an entrepreneurial social sector professional with more than 15 years of experience leading and managing nonprofits, foundations, government agencies and consulting engagements. She has an extensive background assessing social impact, designing feasibility studies and creating new services, programs and partnerships. Working on all sides of the social sector, including nonprofits, foundations and government entities, Kim has honed her strategy and management skills. The list of recent Kim's engagements include Circle of Service Foundation, Bottom Line, Global Detroit, Ingenuity, Inc., John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation, Robert R. McCormick Foundation, Thrive Chicago, and more.

    Kim's engagement into evaluation of the Board Member Institute for Jewish Nonprofits shall provide insight into the value and impact of the program on participants and the organizations they serve as well as inform program design and future planning.

    Kim Silver
    Principal, The Silver Line
    Peer Mentoring *
    In addition to access to the tremendous faculty of Kellogg's Center for Nonprofit Management, as well as expert practitioners in the Jewish nonprofit sector, each participant will have the opportunity to be matched with a peer mentor, strategically selected, according to the participants' self-assessed needs and interests.

    Access to this unique mentor network is an amazing opportunity to help participants continue to navigate the sector, connect with mentors with a wide range of professional and nonprofit expertise, and grow as volunteer leaders even after they get their certificate!

    * - The Peer Mentorship component for the Chicago-2 Cohort will be finalized based on the outcome of the ongoing evaluation.
    Strategic Partners
    The Board Member Institute for Jewish Nonprofits Makes Headlines!
    "Board members and professionals alike have not established a culture which allows for board members to actually "show up," says Alicia S. Oberman, Executive Director of the Jack and Golide Wolfe Miller Fund.
    Read the full article and the epilogue:
    In-Depth Insights from the Sector
    Contacts us
    Project Manager, Marom Group

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